• 12 Weeks of Virtual Coaching (can be customized to also include in-person)

  • Lose unwanted body fat, tone up, increase strength & confidence, stop obsessing over calories, create better beliefs and your best body.

  • Personalized FEAST+FAST nutrition and fasting protocol as aligned to you.

  • Personalized FLEX fitness protocol @home or in-gym workouts tailored to your needs.

  • Personalized #PERIODization protocols optimize feminine menses/menopause or masculine physiology for best results.

  • Personalized FLOW mindset protocols (breakthrough body-blocks that have kept you stuck & subconsciously self sabotaging your desired results).

  • FITUITIVE subconscious healing meditation audios.

  • All FITUITIVE protocols are customized to your unique success orientation using Kayla’s one-of-a-kind formula which includes a comprehensive life history, natal chart, and Enneagram analysis.

  • Accountability audio msg + text messaging access to Kayla (Monday through Saturday).

  • 1x weekly scheduled 30min video or phone success calls.


Please submit the form below to apply for Kayla’s Platinum Package — her most custom and transformational coaching offer.


Online Programs:

NEW!!! FLEX YOUR FEMININE Program — $111

Kayla's one of a kind online program is the modern womans cycle-centric makeover that empowers you with the knowledge and practical actions you need to create better beliefs and your best body, femininely!

LADY LEAGUE — $100/week

  • Inner Circle Mentorship ideal for women who want to remodel their body composition, create leaner and stronger curves, and optimize their feminine physiology.

  • Custom Designed Workout Program (@Gym &/or Home)

  • Access to your workouts, exercise demonstration videos, recovery protocols, and track progress (weight, measurements, strength, consistency, etc) inside Kaylas training app for iOS and Android.

  • Includes #PERIODization Protocol to optimize feminine physiology for best results.

  • You should already have good nutrition habits in place as a structured meal plan diet is not appropriate to Kayla’s philosophy. Kayla’s #FLEXYOURFEMININE nutrition protocol is her gift to you for joining Lady League, and she provides you nutritional guidance where appropriate in support of your best results throughout your mentorship.

  • Daily Accountability Via Audio/Txt Msgr

    *space is limited, please submit form below to learn more.


In-Person Training:

By Appointment Only

1-on-1 Sessions

$85/hr (2x/wk minimum commitment)
$100/hr (a la carte)

Semi-Privates (2-4 ppl)
$65/hr each person

Classes only at Indian Wells Tennis Garden
$35 for guests / $25 members
1) Stadium Conditioning Class
700am: Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays
2) Stretch & Mobility Class
900am: Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Saturdays
* call 760.200.8200 to reserve classes

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Client Love

“The most amazing trainer and person I have ever had the pleasure of working with!”

— Sherry Lynn Baker-Pettry

“In three months, I went from 175.8lbs to 141.6lbs… down -35.2lbs and fat loss down -10%!” 

— Tonita Valenica-Langdon.

“Kayla is beyond knowledgable in nutrition and fitness and an exceptional person. I am in the best shape of my life!”

— Wendy Hope