The 10 Commandments of #FLEXYOURFEMININE

    Be careful that you aren’t worshipping the idol of Aesthetics At All Costs or making a false god out of what your body “should” look like. Balance your expectations with awareness that our society’s standards of “beauty” and “perfection” are WACK AF! Whether your goal is to shed baby weight, have a break-up-bod your ex cries over, win the crown and $5 trophy at a bikini competition, or rock your honeymoon/vacations socks off… underneath every outwardly focused fitness goal should be a firmly rooted internal motivator. Practice #rootchakra activation meditations and find your security within your self worth, not in your aesthetics. Every single one of our bodies is aging. None of us are getting out of here alive. High vibe alignment and expression of health is actively loving ourselves enough to live and age gracefully. That’s the sexy stuff.

    Strength training results in that “toned” muscle definition every gal craves, but did you know that having more muscle means your body is burning more calories while you’re busy living life? And NO, I am not talking about turning into a muscle-bound she-hulk (trust, you don’t have the hormones)! Prioritize strength training workouts 3-6 times a week (depending on your starting point and goal) and focus on targeting all the major parts of your body each day, with an emphasis on your glutes/legs. Bodyweight exercises are great for overall conditioning, activation techniques, and laying a solid foundation as a beginner to any new exercise component, but if you want to sculpt strong and sexy curves most efficiently, ya gotta grab some iron… no pink dumbbells, fren. Make sure you’re lifting heavier than your purse!

    Rest days are every bit as essential as workout days. But you don’t need another cookie-cutter plan making it seem like a certain day/# of days is “magical”. This is YOUR life. YOUR schedule. YOUR body. YOUR results! Maybe you’re extremely sore from training, or you’re feeling burnt out by a high-stress day or two at work/home, or it’s THAT time of the month! Opting for an in-home yoga session as an active-recovery protocol instead of hitting the gym/class is just one perfectly acceptable option. There will be days when you need to hibernate and binge on Netflix, too (just not often!) The higher intensity style will be there tomorrow when your mind/body is recovered and capable of handling it. THAT is what I call an effective and sustainable transformation! This is why #PERIODization protocols are so important for womens transformation specifically. Track your cycle and be aware of it’s changes / affects on you. All the guidelines and bylaws in the world can’t anticipate your unique needs and requirements day-to-day and month-to-month (best laid plans…). So, be patient with your process and make a conscious effort to tune-in to your current frequency: needs, stress, emotions, hormones, energy, etc. Fitness and nutrition are ultimate acts of self-care when we practice awareness of our holistic state and choose to respond wisely.

    Growing up a very disciplined and competitive athlete in dance and martial arts, and then during my time as a nationally competitive physique athlete, my goal was to be THE best and that effort often looked a lot like killing myself in the process, often twice a day. I beat myself up a lot; both physically and mentally. I held extremely unrealistic expectations for myself and my performance. 9 times our of 10 you betcha I met those expectations or surpassed them -- and the payoff was not worth it in hindsight. Although, the lessons I learned are priceless and I am grateful for that takeaway. Learn from my struggle bus: True fitness is finding a holistic balance to support your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. This is the heart behind my FITUITION philosophy and why I preach, “Do better, not more.” When you know better, you do better.

    Have you ever been cheated on? Lied to? Yeah me, too. It feels AWFUL. So why do we lie to and cheat on ourselves over and over again? Think about it: how many times have you made a promise (new years resolution?) and given up on it? Don’t cheat on your goals, justify bad behavior, or lie to yourself (excuses). There are no shortcuts and we ALL know this -- I’m preaching to the choir. There are no magic pills, wraps, detoxes, or super-fixes to solve all your problems (we all wish, trust me). Show up for yourself by staying true to your word. Don’t break your promises to yourself. Don’t quit on the last few reps of your set at the gym. Don’t ignore signals your body is giving you. Don’t silence your intuition. Don’t say, “Tomorrow it’ll be better.” NO -- we are not promised tomorrow, we only have TODAY. Make it worth it… because YOU are worth it.

    Your body needs a balance of protein, carbs, and healthy fats to perform optimally. Add on the demanding levels of exercise required to transform a physique and you must take even more care! So be sure to fuel yourself properly according to your goals and recovery needs. Don't forget your water, either! Make sure you’re drinking half your body weight per day in ounces (150lbs = 75oz of water/day). You’re investing your time, money, and energy into creating your best body and healthy lifestyle, not eating enough/eating inappropriately is the surest way to sabotage your results.

    Life’s a dance… a flow of feminine and masculine energies. Yin and Yang. Light and dark. Man and woman. We as women are designed to embody the divine feminine, but we must seek and nurture its awakening within us. Despite recent history seeing femininity as weakness… we know better. The feminine may be dishonored, but it is never dishonorable. We must hold space for divine feminine to rise up within us so that we can then encourage and empower the sacred masculine in our brothers to rise as well. We need both even within ourselves to be balanced and fulfilled. When you are being active and feel depleted, make time to rest and recover. When you’re feeling stagnant and pent-up, shift the energy through integrative flow, movement, or rest and recovery.

    When we do not replenish our feminine energy, we end up feeling depleted and burnt our. Take time to honor both the feminine and masculine energies in your life and within yourself. Listen to the still-small voice of your inner most spirit-self and see what messages, insights and vision she has to offer you. Do not ignore your intuition, it is your divine connection to your emotion, spirit, womb wisdom, and subconscious insight. Meditate, pray, journal, dance, sing, sweat, cry, and laugh. Be still and silent. Be bold and loud. Trust yourself and be trustworthy.

    Gratitude. What a deceptively simple yet incredibly powerful state of being. Did you know that practicing gratitude journaling for just 5 minutes a day has the same effect on your overall happiness as doubling your income? In a 2003 “Counting Blessings Versus Burdens” study, participants reported that keeping a gratitude journal increased time spent exercising by 19% and sleep quality by 25%. Pretty awesome side-effects of taking just 5minutes a day to actively live in gratitude!

    This brings us full circle back from #1. If you’re transforming yourself to prove others wrong, trying to look like the pictures of Victoria’s Secret models or Kim Kardashian on your vision board, or competing for a mans affection… you will never know the peace and freedom this lifestyle has waiting for you. Only the deepest level of satisfaction in discovering your OWN personal best body and sustainability methods will keep you motivated and happy for life.

How to align yourself to the frequency of fat-loss

Did you know that we can simplify the process of getting the results you’re craving into just two-parts?


ACTION: Your nutrition protocol, your workout regimen, your eating schedule, your recovery plan, your supplements, to cardio/or not to cardio and HOW, AND:

MINDSET: Becoming a vibrational match to manifest physically the kind of body recomposition (fat-loss + muscle tone) transformation you are trying to achieve (attract).


Up until the past 2ish years, I've only really taught “Action”, because even though “Mindset” was a huge part of my own process, I never really felt “enough” within myself in order to confidently teach it to others. 

I feel like I’ve been letting you down, really. Like I owe you an apology for withholding and only now starting to really beat my drum loudly regarding the impact and importance of mindset in fat-loss transformations. 

If I’m being honest, the people pleaser in me was afraid of losing credibility I had worked so hard to build as a female fitness coach in a male dominated industry. I built my reputation on a results driven formula centered around radical responsibility and ACTION … if I seemingly changed my tune now, I was afraid of being labeled as “too woowoo” and not being taken as seriously.

But anymore, I just can't NOT talk about Mindset; frequency, vibration, manifestation, law of attraction, alignment, and feminine energy.

Because, I realize that Action and Mindset are not mutually exclusive. I can still teach radical responsibility AND mindset with aligned action in complete integrity, because...


They need each other.

Truthfully, my own personal mindset practice takes up a greater chunk of my time than my action plan does!

I’ve found that alignment in feminine flow (frequency) and trusting the process instead of forcing my body to submit (masculine frequency) as the primary variable for change/transformation, has proven that mindset/belief is the undeniable FOUNDATION by which all aligned action/strategy must be built on in order to attract desired results.

Because the truth is: IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE YOU ARE WORTHY OF RESULTS, why the fluff would your body submit to the painful process of transforming itself?

Your body/biology follows the lead of your brain/beliefs. 

If you’re living in a frequency that is unaligned to the vibration of your goal (i.e. fat-loss)...

 >> the “best” action plan in diet and exercise won’t help you. Period.

And likewise, if you’re living in a frequency that IS aligned to the vibrational goal you hold…

 >> the action you take in diet and exercise IS the “best” for you. Period.

Did you catch that? That subtle shift from force to flow?

You could be taking the EXACT SAME action, but your alignment/vibration is what ultimately determines your outcome. The intent with which you execute your chosen actions is what dictates your results… and the quality of your experience in attracting them.

Most probable is that when you are in alignment with the energetic frequency that is your goal, the action that is required to attract it into your reality is relatively effortless compared to the hustle/grind that is otherwise required to achieve similar (or suboptimal) results by comparison.

Transformation is not about being comfortable. Don’t misunderstand me. This isn’t about avoiding discomfort or growing pains. In many ways, the alignment and energetic work I’m introducing you to will be more difficult and uncomfortable than any amount of pointless burpees you could do.

I’m just saying, you choose your discomfort. You choose your difficulty. 

>> Do you want to suffer unconsciously and aimlessly in the shadow of “eat less and do more” yo-yo starvation diets and extreme exercise cycle? OR,

>> Do you want to suffer consciously and purposefully in the light of radical responsibility, soul-led aligned action, feminine fitness and food strategy, and mindset practice that will transform your body and beyond?

I think I know your answer… ;)

So, I created a FREE 30min masterclass where you can learn more about aligning your mind to your goals, and your body to your beliefs. CLICK HERE!

Digging up the ROOT beneath fat-loss blocks

Feminine essence is:

🚫 weakness

🚫 your clothes

🚫 a number on the scale

🚫the makeup you wear

🚫 your breast size

🚫 the shape of your butt

🚫 its twerk-ability

🚫 your performance

🚫 your hair color / length

🚫 your cooking skills

🚫 your bank account

🚫 the car you drive

🚫 the height of your heels

🚫 the color of your skin

🚫 whether or not you're a "Mrs." yet

🚫 your ability to get pregnant and raise a child

No, your divine feminine essence is:

✨ your superpower

✨ the way you make others feel

✨ your magnetism

✨ your mindset

✨ your creativity 

✨ your heart

✨ your ability to trust yourself

✨ your trustworthiness

✨ your integrity

✨ your standards

✨ your boundaries

✨ the way you speak to & of yourself & others

✨ your life force energy

✨ healing

✨ sacred sexuality

✨ sensuality 

✨ spiritual awareness

✨ emotional intelligence

✨ intuition

✨ wisdom

✨ humility

✨ intimacy

✨ strength 

✨ vulnerability

NOTHING from the first list will do ANYthing for your true sacred femininity if you are not intentional about embodying EVERYTHING from the second list. Embodiment breathes life into all you are and set out to do.

The root of your struggles and frustration with fat-loss IS your struggle with feminine embodiment. Society has brainwashed you to DO and compete “like a man” … we’ve proven how capable we are, ladies. And we’re more stressed out, insecure, and unhealthier than ever.

Your ability for feminine embodiment is rooted in your feelings of stability and security within yourself and your purpose in life.

If you feel stuck, afraid, angry, lost, and insecure -- those feelings will manifest physically in your body. Unfavorably… like struggling with losing unwanted body fat.

Because FEELINGS are the language of the body… when they go unchecked, un-embodied, and unhealed, they will try to get your attention by manifesting physically as ailments, pains, illness, fatigue, and excess weight.

So where do we begin? At the ROOT ... #chakra, that is! 😊

Physically, our root chakra is identified by the color red. It is the first of our seven chakras, beginning at the base of our spine. 

Energetically, a healthy root chakra grounds our sacred femininity. Known as the seat for raw life-force-creation-energy, known as Kundalini.

Spiritually, our red root chakra inspires love, passion, movement, creative action, and trust in divine purpose for our life. Our ability to manifest / co-create our desired reality is also directly linked to the healthy balance of our root chakra because it lays the foundation for spiritual expansion in our lives.

Psychologically, the red root chakra governs our self-confidence and is linked to your bodies adrenal glands which hormonally signal the subconscious minds survival instincts; your “fight or flight” responses and beliefs. Your feelings of stability and security are directly correlated to this system!

Women whose red chakra energy is imbalanced may struggle much more with feeling disconnected from their bodies, suffer poor body-image as a result, lack the self-awareness and ability to destress, have lower self-confidence, are prone to obesity, have higher inflammatory markers, and suffer with disordered eating; obsessive compulsive issues with food intake, extreme dieting, and binging/purging. These women don’t like their bodies and they feel like they aren’t “good enough” in general. Issues such as these are related to an imbalanced root chakra manifesting symptoms of insecurity that affect the subconscious mind and physical body.

In contrast, women who find enjoyment, fulfillment, and take pride in caring for their bodies seem to have healthier root chakra balance. They are stronger, in good overall health, have more vibrant levels of energy and are better able to manage their stress. They commonly do not struggle with their body weight like so many others do and these women more effortlessly maintain a lower body fat set point.

So, I hope you’re asking: “Kayla, how do I balance my root chakra?!”

Good news: if you’re experiencing blockage / imbalance in your root chakra that is inhibiting your confidence, health, and fat-loss pursuits … YOU can heal it!

  1. Physical activity encourages healthy root chakra

    Your root chakra governs the quality of our physical presence and embodying our feeling in our body. Physical activity of any kind that feels in alignment to your soul, supports root chakra healing. Be still and ask yourself, “What activity does my root need?” The first thing that comes forward is usually what your intuition needs to tell you. Yoga? Gym? Hiking? Any movement involving your feet and legs grounding into the earth will be particularly helpful (working out outside, taking a walk/hike in nature, yoga in the grass/sand, etc).

  2. Root Chakra Healing Foods
    I mentioned earlier that the root chakra has its own vibrational frequency, color, and function; likewise, there are certain foods that will help support it’s balance, health, and integration in your life. When focused on healing the root chakra, make sure to add naturally red-colored foods, root vegetables, and animal protein to your diet. Examples:

    • red cabbage

    • tomatoes

    • red apples

    • watermelon

    • red lentil / beans

    • red meat

    • beets

    • peppers / chilis

    • radishes

  3. Aromatherapy / Stones

    Since your root chakra is your grounding energy, connecting to elements of the earth using essential oils and healing stones are beautiful and powerful ways to balance your root vibrational frequency and bring yourself into a place of alignment and security. Examples are sandalwood and rosemary essential oils / scented candles, and red jasper, garnet, ruby, or bloodstone.