It all started when…

I blacked out on a NYC subway and woke up in Harlem … alone … and much too far north of my apartment.

No — I wasn’t drunk.
No — I wasn’t on drugs.

I was grossly underweight, malnourished, and hadn’t fed myself in 3 days.


At 16 years old I began the privileged opportunity of a runway model; walking for Ready To Wear and Haute Cotoure designers in San Francisco, Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY.

I was represented by internationally renowned modeling agency FORD Models, and regularly worked with clientele such as Oscar de la Renta, Calvin Klein, Macy’s, and Saks Fifth Avenue, to name a few.

Despite all the good and the glam — I bought into our cultures distorted standards of beauty and I adopted the expectations of the fashion industry. The result was Anorexia and Binge-Purge disordered thinking and eating (or not) habits that quickly began to take its toll on my overall health and self worth. When I passed out on the subway I weighed under 120lbs (and 6’0 tall).

So, my entrance into the fitness industry was marked by my exit from fashion modeling. I earned my first certification in exercise and nutrition through the International Sports Sciences Association with the intent to empower myself with knowledge and prioritize my own health.

Fitness (physical transformation) was my spirits gateway drug to radical up-leveling, self-awareness, and growth. It has been a strong undercurrent throughout my journey for which I am exceedingly grateful; as the years since I started in the health industry provided even more challenges I would be strong enough to overcome.

Yes — life has blessed me with opportunities to practice the radical responsibility and self-awareness I preach; in fitness, in relationships, spiritually, and professionally. In pain there is power and in progress we find purpose.

For the past 10 years — it has been my calling and blessing to empower others in bettering their bodies and learning to trust their intuition fearlessly, using my unique skill set as a transformation and heart-to-heart coach.

While I do successfully work with male clients, I am a passionate advocate of womens femininity — specifically as it relates to fitness because I see a tragic disconnect between a masculine fitness industry and what women want/need.

Women fear losing their femininity. We fear getting older. We fear losing the attention of our partner. We fear failure. We fear success! We fear disappointing others and we are struggling to define our personal/collective roles in a culture that is ever changing the definition of what it means to “be a woman”. Femininity feels elusive ... impossible, even.

So, a passionate driving force in my heart-to-heart coaching with women is to offer solutions for this problem — empowering them with knowledge, awareness, practical tools, and experiences that reveal their value, the beauty of their body, and of just how much magic they are naturally capable.

My official education as a health and fitness authority includes Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning, High-Performance Psychology, TRX Suspension, Kettle Bell, DVRT Sandbag, Flexibility/Mobility, and more. I am continually re-investing in myself as a woman, mentor, and coach.

Learn how you and I can work together in your transformation, here.